Interchange – Spring 2009

We are blessed by Friends who answer our concerns as a Meeting. We have a group of lovely, lively First Day School students just growing into adolescence, and were wondering how to challenge and engage them. Stephen Dotson, who grew up in our First Day School himself, offered to meet with these young people monthly to help them find direction as a group.

We had been wondering how to engage in useful work outside the U.S. in some concrete, direct way , and two members have provided channels for meaningful involvement through their own work. Wendy Dotson recently spent a week in Haiti helping to train midwives through Midwives for Haiti, and she is sharing her experiences and involvement with the rest of us. Wendy will make a presentation at Goose Creek on May 10 at 11:15 am, and will also have Haitian handicrafts to sell to support the midwives training program. Patricia Barber, who grew up in Rhodesia, is working with Washington, DC Friend Steve Brooks to organize support in the US for Hlekweni Friends Rural Services in Zimbabwe. They will make a presentation at Goose Creek at 11:00 am on April 26. All are cordially invited to these two events.

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